Odin is a firmware flashing tool for the Android device. Odin download provides you one of the most secure tools developed Samsung, so it is a trusted application for flashing custom ROMS of different Samsung devices.

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Supported Windows OSWindows XP/Vista/ 7 & Later

While using Samsung Odin flashing can be done through fastboot mode or through recovery mode. This process is facilitated downloading a custom ROM and then following the preceding steps.

The firmware for each device differs so download the correct version of the custom ROM, also it does not void the warranty of the device like others.


Download Odin Flash Tool

Furthermore, Odin services are limited for only Samsung devices, including Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy note, and other Samsung phone, it is also known as Samsung Odin.

It can be used for ROM flashing and to get the latest custom ROM in the Samsung android devices. Download the famous Samsung Odin Flash tool v3.14.4 for windows versions 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and XP PC.

Apart from this, the latest Samsung Odin is a solution to make the device relive with the latest Android version flashing the stock firmware, strengthening the system, and the function of the device.

Some custom firmware and the flashing tool void the warranty of the device, but this flashing tool for Samsung phones doesn’t void the warranty.



It offers installation of the custom recovery

It increases the Samsung Android device performance and optimizes battery


Offer root access to particular devices

Support .tar and tar.md extension for flashing the kernels


Use Odin 3 for ROM flashing, boot loop and flash stock, stock firmware


Is it safe to Root your Phone?

Rooting provides you a lot of features, although there are some cons of rooting the device, it voids the warranty of the device. Although Samsung Odin is the one that doesn’t void the warranty of your Android device.

Rooting also makes your device vulnerable, as the apps easily get access to your device data and information, which also results in the bricking of the phone.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 operating system and above.
  • Samsung USB drivers.
  • ADB tool for Samsung device.
  • Fast boot tool for device.
  • Android cable USB.

Download Latest Samsung Odin Flash Tool

You can get the latest version of Samsung Odin on this website. The download link given below will grant access to download the application for free.

  • Click here to Download this flashing tool.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Now locate the file.
  • Wait till it gets downloaded.
  • Now open the file and install it.
  • You’re ready to use it.

You will also need to get the TWRP and the zip file in their folder based on the model number series of the phone.

How to connect smartphones?

  • Reboot the device into the download mode.
  • Press the power key along with the volume down and home button.
  • Now connect the Android device to the PC.
  • Follow and proceed with the software instruction.

Odin Download mode is a state in which the user can flash firmware using this software, it is also known as the Odin mode, the whole process of flashing and firmware is done in this mode.

How to use it?

  • Get the zip tool as per the device.
  • Also, get the firmware as per the Android device.
  • Install firmware and reboot to TWRP.
  • Now open it and connect the Android device.

Before using Odin, make sure you Back up all the data, install the USB driver on PC, select the ROM as per the device, and get the ADB, Fastboot driver.

Change logs and Updates

  • The latest version v3.14.4 is up for download.
  • This flash tool is compatible with various Samsung Devices including the Galaxy S series and others.
  • Get the latest Samsung flashing tool (v3.07, v3.09, v3.10.7, v3.10.6) for flash Samsung device, custom firmware, rooting firmware updates, ROM flashing, boot loop, flash stock. Don’t forget to get the Samsung USB cable.
  • Version 3 (v3.13.1) is offering advanced features such, remove the support, RTN sprint, and the latest root utility.
  • Using (v3.11.2) is helpful for fixing up the error, bug files, and provides good compatibility.
  • The latest v3.06 has high compatibility, i.e, it is accessible in many Android devices, get the right version as per your Android device, latest version (v3.11, 11.1).
  • Download latest the Samsung Odin 3 (v3.12.3, v3.12.4, v3.12.5) updates and device support.

Things to Remember!

  • Make sure to back up the Android device.
  • Enable the download from unknown sources.
  • Go to the Odin mode (Odin download).

Manually Install Firmware

  • Download the firmware files.
  • Power off your phone.
  • Boot into Download Mode.


It has one of the best firmware which makes it a good application to flash a custom ROM. There are inbuilt instructions in completing a flash and using the Samsung Odin v3.14.4 is good over the old version as it provides all other advanced and easy features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the difference between firmware and stock ROM?

A firmware has instructions written for the functions of electronic items Whereas stock ROM is used to increase the efficiency of the devices.

  • What is the use of Odin mode?

Odin mode is a state of Android phone, in which the user can download the latest stock firmware, flash stock, and root the device.

  • How do I get into Odin mode?

To get into the Odin mode you need to press the power key along with the Volume down key, and the Home button.

  • How long does it take Odin mode to download?

It takes about 10-12 minutes. Sometimes the time taken can be more because of internet issues.

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